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Updates from the world of cannabis

Gone Hunting

Well, this sounds fun: Adult Easter Egg Hunt

Highbrow Happenings

Not every cannabis outing has to be saturated with the same old stoner tropes. The cannabis community is growing up, and as it does, our opportunities for cultured outings are evolving, too.

Video: Sensi Connects Dinner

The first of a quarterly dinner series by Sensi Magazine designed to bring our advertisers and partners together to connect.

Hey, Mr. Sessions

Could you at least try to act like an adult when you talk tough about cannabis?

The Jobs President's Very Bad Ideas

Cracking down on cannabis is one of the worst things Trump could do to our economy.

CO | QA: Philip Wolf of Cannabis Wedding Expo

Philip Wolf, cofounder and CEO of the Cannabis Wedding Expo, fills us in on his burning love for Colorado.

Weed Out Fake News

In an era of fake news, where can you find the real, hard facts? Sensi editors weigh in on the sources and sites they trust for cannabis news.

Auxiliary Tech Rules NCIA's Seed-to-Sale Show 2018

Big data and digital branding may determine the future of cannabis tech.

Colorado Continues to Draw Out-of-Staters

Tourism was down in CO last year. This article isn’t about tourism.

This is a Movement Growing Up

Events in Denver bring together cannabis people from all over the country.