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Updates from the world of cannabis

CNN: Now Chronicling the New Normal, Too

Jan 02, 2018 ● By Randy Robinson

For NYE, CNN's Randi Kaye joined Cannabis Tours and Sensi for a canna-romp through Denver. Here's what happened.

Winners at the 2017 Cannabis Business Awards

Dec 11, 2017

Sensi Magazine takes home 2017's "Publication of the Year Award."

Crossroads: Highly Productive

Dec 08, 2017 ● By Ricardo Baca

Changing the narrative of the lazy stoner.

r u...hiring?

Nov 05, 2017 ● By Robyn Lawrence

Finding your place in the cannabis industry can be a long and winding road. In a dynamic atmosphere, with reality shifting almost daily, it helps to be self-motivated and ready to don a few hats you never thought about in order to make it work.

Crossroads: Grown In The Netherlands

Jul 14, 2017 ● By Ricardo Baca

Introducing the premiere Sensi column by "The Cannabist" founding editor, Ricardo Baca.

New User Profiles

Jul 14, 2017 ● By Leland Rucker

A study on American attitudes toward cannabis sheds light on what the New Normal is starting to look like.

Pot on Planes

Jul 03, 2017 ● By Leland Rucker

Sensi Senior Editor Leland Rucker weighs in on whether you should fly high with elevating items.

Oh Canada!

Jun 19, 2017 ● By Leland Rucker

Next summer, America’s neighbor to the north will become only the second country in the world to legalize recreational cannabis use by adults.

NACB: Setting the Standards

Jun 16, 2017 ● By Alex Martinez

First self-regulatory organization for the U.S. cannabis industry, National Association of Cannabis Businesses, launches to establish voluntary national standards.

High-Tech Toy: PAX Era

May 10, 2017 ● By Stephanie Wilson

The self-proclaimed tech geeks at PAX created the sleekest vaporizer around.