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Founded 2002

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Whether you’re just making the transition to a Vegan or plant-based diet.

Or want to learn how to expand your skills in the kitchen, this is the right cooking classes for you.

Your cooking class will cover a variety of subjects relevant to healthy vegan cooking. From how to properly cut with a knife to the best way to prepare vegetables, tubers, whole grains, and legumes. This course focuses on whole-food vegan and foundational plant-based cooking techniques to build your confidence in the kitchen. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Menu Design & Restaurant Consultant Do you want to include incredibly flavorful and healthy vegan and raw foods on your menu? Chef Mayra specializes in chef training, and recipe and menu development. If you own or manage a restaurant, cafe, natural food store, wellness center or other food service setting, Chef Mayra can guide you through every step of the process of selecting and introducing award-winning Vegan Fusion recipes into your current offering.

For a free initial consultation, rates and for more information, please contact Chef Mayra Trabulse

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