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MNfuse LLC

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Founded 2017

With demand skyrocketing across the country for cannabis-infused food products, now is the perfect time to get in on the edibles market. It goes without saying that consumer tastes have evolved beyond the “special” brownies that guy from your college philosophy class prepared in the dorm kitchen. Now, many creative cannabis-infused products – from macaroons, lollipops, dried fruit, pretzels, to chocolate hazelnut spread (cleverly monikered “nug-tella”), are flowing off the shelves at dispensaries across the country.

Before your product hits the market, you need to make sure your infused product can handle the demands of the manufacturing process, distribution, and shelf life. Without proper processing and quality control, potency can easily be miscalculated. In fact, one study found that 83% of edible marijuana products sold in three major West Coast cities incorrectly labeled their THC and CBD content. (Vandrey et al,2015. Cannabinoid Dose and Label Accuracy in Edible Medical Cannabis Products. Journal of the American Medical Association, 313:24) As expected, this discrepancy can have significant business consequences. An incorrect dosage may compromise the therapeutic effects of your infused product, or even cause unintended side-effects such as severe anxiety.

To make sure you’re offering a consistent, high quality infused product, you need a top-notch food scientist. MNfuse is here to optimize and troubleshoot the entire technical process. Whether your product is at the concept development stage, or you just have a few quality concerns, MNfuse can help make your edible innovation a cannabis-infused success story.