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1660 Hotel Circle North
Suite 616
San Diego, CA 92108

Founded 2016

Weedguide is a new search platform addressing the unique needs of the medical and recreational marijuana community. Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, Weedguide features millions of articles, videos, products, dispensary locations, recipes and strains from across the web.

Like other search engines, Weedguide allows for semantic input and natural language processing. What differentiates Weedguide is the platform’s ability to personalize. Rather than viewing results in one pre-determined order, visitors navigate through information and apply filters to get more targeted results. They can customize based on level of experience with cannabis, geographic location, type of content, and more. Weedguide also employs the help of real world subject matter experts to ensure only the the most useful and relevant content is displayed.

Created by search experts and cannabusiness professionals, Weedguide’s founders recognized a need to cut through the fragmentation and disorganization plaguing the industry. Weedguide is led by 20-year technologist and entrepreneur Claudio Cañive. The Weedguide team brings years of experience in media, marketing, entertainment and healthcare companies; having advised and co-invented numerous patents and won awards in the enterprise search and content management industries.