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NFL Players Plead for Marijuana, Fewer Opiates

A new survey shows that NFL players appear to be more concerned about the dangers of pharmaceuticals than the National Football League itself.

Hey, Mr. Sessions

Could you at least try to act like an adult when you talk tough about cannabis?

U.S. Veterans Stiffed Again on Cannabis

A small group of senators and representatives decided not to allow VA doctors to even talk about marijuana with their patients.

Charity Classic Tournament

The pace was leisurely, the golf sometimes sloppy, the camaraderie genuine for this seventh annual event to support Multiple Sclerosis research.

Feds Release Rules, Clarifications for US Hemp Production

Organizations applaud, question "A Statement of Principles on Industrial Hemp.”

New Year’s Resolutions For Marijuana Users

From coming out of the cannabis closet to making sure you know where your weed comes from, here are some ways to make your 2016 happy, healthy, and green.