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For the First Time, All Presidential Candidates Support Cannabis

May 16, 2016 ● By Randy Robinson

All of the leading candidates seem okay with marijuana, on some level.

A Taboo Topic: Pregnancy and Cannabis

Feb 10, 2016 ● By Christina Odette

The sensitive subject was broached during a recent informative evening at Green Labs Denver.

PSA from Coltyn Turner about Cannabis and Crohn's Disease

Feb 29, 2016 ● By Rob Feeman

Watch this video and judge for yourself.

No Science Behind Cannabis DUI Says Experts

May 10, 2016 ● By Randy Robinson

Colorado juries are fighting back by ignoring the law—which is 100% legal.

New Law Would Allow Students to Access Medical Marijuana

Apr 09, 2016 ● By Randy Robinson

A new bill would protect Colorado's schools and their students that require medical cannabis.

Denver Feels the Bern

Feb 16, 2016 ● By Randy Robinson

Sanders draws Denver crowd of 18,000 — and their hash pens.

Budtender Appreciation Night

Oct 07, 2015 ● By Stephanie Wilson

Get a glimpse behind the scenes at this monthly event hosted by Green Labs and presented in part by Sensi Media Group

Oregon: First Week of Recreational Sales Tops $11 Million

Oct 08, 2015 ● By Stephanie Wilson

To put it in perspective, Colorado sold about $5 million the first week

Scenes from Budtender Appreciation Night

Oct 12, 2015 ● By Stephanie Wilson

Some snapshots and takeaways from the October 2015 Budtender Appreciation Night at Green Labs

Marijuana Sales in Colorado Hit $100 Million Mark

Oct 12, 2015 ● By Stephanie Wilson

Sales of medical and recreational sales hit new records in August 2015