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Bonsai Bonanza at Botanic Gardens

Everyone loves happy lil' trees.

Beat 'em to the Punch: Colorado's Certified Hemp

It's been almost three years since we went legal, and we're still making history.

Promotional Feature: Do You Wana?

Sensi Mag goes Beyond the Brand with the team at Wana Brands, the company behind the most popular sour gummy edible in Colorado.

Scene It All

How Denver’s flourishing art scene embodies the American story.

Anime Godfathers Talk Colorado-Style Ganja

These men are kind of like The Beatles of Japanese animation.

The Muse

Everybody from Carl Sagan on down swears by the ability of cannabis to influence creativity. Is there anything to it, or is it just an illusion?

Promotional Feature: Terrapin Care Station

Sensi goes Beyond the Brand with Terrapin owner Chris Woods.

Got the Brunchies?

These top Denver-area brunch spots deliver different yolks for different folks.

Some of That Good Juju

Julian Marley stopped in Denver this weekend to speak with MassRoots. Guess what they talked about?

September 2016 Digital Edition

Click on image to flip through the pages of the September 2016 edition of Sensi Magazine-Denver/Bouulder