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Promotional Feature: Managing Stress, Anxiety, Tourette Syndrome, and Professional Basketball with CBD

Aug 09, 2018 10:37AM

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My journey with CBD and CBD products began last summer, in 2017. After a year of use, they are becoming a more prevalent part of my life each day.

As a professional basketball player, injuries are truly an occupational hazard.

Since I started my first year of college basketball, my extensive list of injuries includes:

  • Two 5th Metatarsal Fractures (Left Foot)

  • Broken 5th Metacarpal

  • Torn Labrum (Left Shoulder)

  • Broken Ankle/Torn Ligaments (Left Ankle)

  • Sprain MCL (Right Knee)

  • Pars Fracture (Back)

However, one aspect of my life which I truly have no control over is the fact that I have dealt with Tourette Syndrome since I was about ten years old.

Not only has cannabidiol (CBD) become an asset in my life because it helps me manage the physical issues that come with playing a professional sport, but also because it has helped me find relief from the constant motor tics which have been in my life since I was about ten years old.

There is a growing list of reasons why I believe CBD is an important medicine for athletes as well as others, and this is my story.

Why Did I Begin Using CBD Products?

I used a CBD product for the first time in the summer of 2017 after I initially began to read about them on the internet.  

At the time, there was much less information about the benefits of CBD on the internet (which is one of the reasons I have been active in increasing awareness for CBD benefits after I began using it myself).

During the summer of 2017, my wife and I both used topical CBD products for pain relief after our training sessions.

The CBD products worked surprisingly well, but I didn’t truly understand how to use CBD as effectively as possible

Jumping ahead a few months, and in September of 2017, I suffered a Pars Fracture while playing basketball professionally in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is a beautiful country with great food (and wine), but their medicine, healthcare, and methods for getting me healthy to play again were less than ideal.

While I was there, I took daily corticosteroid injections and used an assortment of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Between the injections and the NSAIDs, my body quickly began wearing down.

These pain relief medications were bad enough on their own, so I can’t even imagine how bad it must be for football players who are constantly cycling on and off opioids.

After unsuccessfully attempting to play with my back injury in Bulgaria, I came back home to the United States knowing that I needed to find a better solution to manage the constant back pain the Pars fracture caused.

Around the time I was heading home, the news broke that in 2018 cannabidiol (CBD) was being removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency Banned Substance list.

After learning about this, I knew I needed to learn much more about the benefits of CBD, and how to properly use it for my benefit.

It didn’t take long for me to figure out how to use CBD in my life, and I couldn’t be happier that I did.

Managing Stress, Anxiety and Tourette’s Syndrome

For any of you out there who have played sports at a competitive level, or you are close to someone who has played sports at a high level, I am confident you understand the mental challenges an athlete must deal with when they are injured.

No athlete wants to be injured, especially if you already deal with other mental health challenges.

If you know someone with Tourette Syndrome or you have Tourette’s yourself, you may have noticed that even the slightest increase in stress or anxiety can produce a wave of involuntary actions.

Tourette Syndrome can be either motor tics or involuntary noises, but I have only the motor tics. However, they can be violent and painful during certain times.

Throughout my career, my twitching has always become much worse when I had a difficult injury to manage.

Studies have been done on the correlation between Tourette’s and stress levels, and the research shows a substantial relation between anxiety, stress, and the involuntary actions of Tourette’s.

After suffering my back injury in Bulgaria, my twitching became worse and worse with each day.

The corticosteroid injections made my tics even worse!

I was constantly twitching as bad as ever since I had Tourette’s, and it was difficult to live with on a daily basis.

After finally getting back to the United States and taking the time to understand more about the benefits of CBD, I was thrilled to find out that taking CBD each day could alleviate my motor tics.

No other product or treatment I ever tried was as effective for reducing my motor tics during tough times, which is one of the main reasons why I proudly believe in the benefits of CBD products.

How Am I Incorporating CBD into My Life?

When I first began learning more about how to use CBD products, I mostly focused on how it could help me manage chronic back pain.

In fact, this was even easier than I could imagine!

After finding out how easily and effectively CBD treated my chronic back pain, I began learning more about other ways I could further use it to improve my quality of life.

A use a variety of products each week, but generally, I start every morning off with about 25mg of cannabidiol in oil or capsule form, along with my morning cup of hot tea or coffee.

I start every morning off like this, and then I head to do my training for the day. One of the reasons I love CBD so much is that I can add it to my daily routine without changing anything, and it helps!

CBD helps relieve pain in my back (or any of my other sore muscles), and I can head to do my daily workout in a “fasted state.”

Intermittent fasting and fasted cardio are very important aspects of training for me.  If I needed to use Tylenol, Ibuprofen, or other NSAIDs for pain relief each morning, I would never be able to do fasted state training.

NSAIDs require you to eat before using, otherwise, there is a high-percentage chance of you will have stomach issues.

Drinking my CBD with a cup of tea or coffee in the morning provides me with pain relief as well as relaxation to start my day!

After my initial morning dose of CBD. I normally only need one or two more dosages each day. It has been a few months since my latest injury, and I don’t use as much CBD as I did previously.

However, even when I had a fracture in my spine, CBD could knock out the shooting pain quickly!

My wife typically applies a topical CBD product to my back twice per day, which helps to fight localized inflammation throughout my back and the area of my recent Pars fracture.

On days when I have more motor tics, I take additional dosages of CBD oil in capsule or dropper form.

Within just about 15 minutes of using my CBD product of choice, my tics become noticeably less violent.

I hardly believed it myself early on, but it has been incredible for me!

By easily adding a few CBD products into my daily routine, I have been able to improve my quality of life even when dealing with a serious and painful injury!

Without even mentioning the fact that studies have shown CBD can help fractures to heal, CBD has been an enormous asset in helping me recover from my latest injury.


My Thoughts on CBD

Especially since cannabidiol has recently been removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency Banned Substance list, I hope that it will become one of the most prominently used medications for athletics.

If you would like to learn more about myself and my experiences with CBD products, you can check out my website

Conclusive scientific evidence for the precise benefits of cannabidiol would be great, but I’ve had such a positive experience with cannabidiol that I can confidently recommend to anyone who wanted to try.

I am a huge believer in CBD because you can implement in your life as easy as a multivitamin, and the benefits are perfect for athletes such as myself.

Instead of wearing out my internal organs with NSAIDs or other dangerous pain medications, I am happy to have found a natural solution that lets me live a pain-free and comfortable life.

Although I did not expect CBD to work as well as it does for controlling my motor tics, I am sure I will consistently use CBD products for a long time!

About the Author:

Adam Kemp is a professional basketball player who is in his 4th year of playing basketball professionally in Europe.

In 2015, Adam was selected to play for the Detroit Pistons in the NBA Summer League.

Adam graduated from Marist College in 2014 with a degree in Sports Communications.

With this wife, Adam has become strong advocate for the health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp products.

Together, they are working to normalize the culture of CBD and hemp use so a wider-range of people understand the benefits of these amazing products.