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Mother’s Love

Jul 02, 2018 05:07PM
Home treatments include soaking in the tub scented with a fizzy bath bomb, scrubbing with scented soap, and slathering on a creamy body lotion. Audrey Hale, the founder of Roux & Bones, loved those times when she would pamper herself. But after the birth of her son, the certified aromatherapist embarked on creating her line of natural and organic products.

The Las Vegas-based entrepreneur, wife, and mother began by developing soaps. Hale then expanded her line to include bath bombs, bath salts, facial products, skin lotions, and fragrances. While she can customize scents, every essential oil and ingredi-ent has been thought out, paired, and serves a purpose. Since no preservatives are used, the products remain fresh and, if un-opened, can be stored in a cool and dry space up to a year.

With her hands-on approach, Hale even knows the beekeeper that provides the honey and beeswax. The Roux & Bones line is free of paraben, phthalate, sulfate, petroleum, and formaldehyde with no cruelty testing. 

The loving mom named the company after her children, daughter Annika Roux and son Lin-coln Bones, and is currently developing infant and baby products. The design and packaging com-bine elements of whimsy, elegance, and dichoto-my. Roux & Bones can be purchased online and in local boutiques. 

- Debbie Hall