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Neon Play

Jul 02, 2018 03:46PM
The sun blazes brightly outdoors, but after walking into Glowzone Las Vegas, everyone’s eyes adjust to the cool darkness with black-lit games and glow-in-the-dark attractions. Playing indoors is the perfect way to escape the heat while enjoying some leisure time. 

The 36,000-foot entertainment center features a range of easy-to-play games, more intense competi-tions, and physical challenges. The neon-lit skyscraper ropes course, towering 26 feet above the complex, dare participants to climb and walk across on the ropes trying not to look down. Test ninja skills and challenge climbing abilities racing to the top of a 28-foot building, plunge down the drop slide or balance across the pole walk. Adrenalin junkies bash in bumper cars or play bazooka ball. Ducking the laser maze will get the heart pumping. 

The soft city jungle gym cushions for a gentle land-ing with three slides and a twisting maze overlooking the center. A game of glowing mini golf or bowling can bring the kid out in everyone. The arcade features the latest in games plus some older favorites. 

But Glowzone is not just for kids and families. Evenings dedicated to adults offer unique date options for hanging out with friends. Team sports and playing together bring people closer for some summertime fun.