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Sensi Magazine July 2018 - Las Vegas Digital Edition

Jul 01, 2018 07:07AM ● By Amber Orvik
Sizzling... IN VEGAS

Las Vegas has been my home for 40 years, so I have experienced some scorching summers.  July brings triple digits during the day and a “balmy” 80 degrees at night. Still, exhilaration, glitz, and glamour prevail in one of the most exciting cities in the world. How? Southern Nevada has emerged as a culinary capital with celebrity chefs and trending cuisine. Cutting edge technology developed through Las Vegas-based businesses connects the world digitally. Innovative attractions add to the fun of a hospitality-based economy. Broadway shows, including Hamilton, perform here to the delight of theatergoers. Significant retailers consider Southern Nevada to be an essential component in the growth of brick-and-mortar storefronts. Superstars perform in residency shows, and touring musicians and artists book shows in Las Vegas as an integral part of their scheduled stops. To continue to grow, downtown has also transformed into a progressive and immersive community, enticing tourists and locals alike.

While Vegas was once considered a small town surrounding the Strip, by the 1970s, it quickly became the go-to place everyone had to experience. As we continue to evolve and thrive, Southern Nevada has become a wonderful place not just to play but to live and work as well. We also happen to be a progressive state.

Over a year ago, voters in the state of Nevada took a stand demonstrating the need for changing laws on the adult-recreational use of cannabis. Since legalization, the growth of the industry has transformed the cannabis landscape. Business people, politicians, government officials, residents, and tourists now navigate through the new terrain and, while we have a long way to go and adjustments will need to be made, we are part of the progress. What’s left to do is advocate for decriminalization, social lounges, educating the public—especially visitors—in understanding the fine print of cannabis legalization, and righting some past wrongs in the cannabis world. It’s important to note that it is still illegal to ingest or imbibe cannabis in a resort guest room or public places. However, I am confident that there will be a continuation of the progressive stance of the state.

While embracing a pro-cannabis attitude, Sensi is part of the mainstream, reaching out with a collective goal: creating a better Southern Nevada for locals and tourists.

Thank you for selecting and reading Sensi. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you, our readers.

Yours in the new normal,


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