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Sensi Magazine July 2018 - Southern Colorado Edition

Jul 01, 2018 07:02AM ● By Amber Orvik
Summer: It's HOT

And that’s how we like it. Because without the heat of summer, the cold of winter wouldn’t have as much impact, to flip a popular saying about the season on its head. 

That’s what we do at Sensi: we take popular notions and show the flip side of things. We seek to expose the new normal to an audience of readers like you, who come seeking information about your community. 

And what a community it is—that was highly apparent from the moment Tae, Sensi’s president, and I pulled into the parking lot at Briarhurst Manor on a Thursday evening in early June. We were there for Sensi Night, and we almost didn’t find a parking spot in the expansive lot. The venue was buzzing, the crowd exuberant, the vibe one of pure energy bubbling over as people connected with one another, united by an interest in the new normal. 

Our team is humbled by the chance to bring so many people together, and we’re stoked that our message is resonating throughout Southern Colorado. This month, we’ve centered the issue around “what’s hot,” a theme that’s open to wide interpretation, and you’ll find a wide range of article topics on the coming pages. From rafting Colorado’s waterways to airstream dreams come true, and from future cannabis trends to the impact THC can have on your sleeping thoughts, the issue is a fun read best paired with a glass o f something refreshing, a strain of something elevating, and a summery playlist to set the tone. May I suggest finding Sensi on Spotify for that last one. It’s the perf ect background music for the season. 

Happy reading. 


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