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Sensi Magazine June 2018 - Denver/Boulder Digital Edition

Jun 01, 2018 09:57AM ● By Amber Orvik

I’ve worked in cannabis for almost a decade, yet I’m unable to keep my own lawn from being scorched by the late summer sun in Colorado. The irony isn’t lost on me: I can’t grow any form of grass.

With our first-ever Green Issue here, I’ve been thinking of the myriad ways that the word impacts me. When I was a pot critic, it was one I loathed, constantly searching for new shades or synonyms as I described various strains. As a conservation neophyte, it’s one that challenges me to alter my buying decisions—or trash bin decisions—to be more in harmony with the world around me. As a managing editor, it reminds me how new I am to this position and you, the readers.

And with my lawn, it reminds me of failure. To be clear, I don’t have a vendetta against grass and exact my revenge through water deprivation. I get busy, I forget Denver’s arcane rules about when sprinklers can run, and a few blistering days later I’m left staring at a wasteland. Even worrying about how to keep a superficial patch of turf alive feels like a luxury with so much happening in the world.

Then again, perhaps my lawn is trying to tell me something: Slow down. Have balance. Pay attention to the details. This summer, I’ve decided to listen, smoke a bowl, and meditate on the state of our backyard—and life—with a hose in my hand.

This month in Sensi, we’re covering the “greenification” of Colorado from all angles. There’s more than CBD to get excited about when it comes to hemp, and we have a lineup of bath, beauty, and food products to get you started. For those looking to get outdoors, our state has some of the best wild mushroom foraging sites in the country, ripe for the picking. Lace up the boots and prepare your kitchen.

For those looking to make more ecologically friendly decisions, we have a report on the once rowdy Denver Cruisers transitioning into a force for social good and leading the effort to make the city better for cyclists. Don’t worry: they still party. Finally, we have a look at literal greens here in Colorado from our resident foodie John Lehndorff. Popeye would be proud of the selection.


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