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Sensi Magazine June 2018 - Southern Colorado Edition

Jun 01, 2018 09:13AM ● By Amber Orvik

When I was a kid, back in the Super Nintendo era, my school’s curriculum devoted a week to environmental education. We were taught if we just turned off the lights, shut off water faucets when brushing our teeth, and recycled, we’d be doing our part to protect the environment.

That was 20 years ago. Turns out turning off the lights and the faucets wasn’t enough. The rainforests are still being gutted to produce overpriced furniture and underpriced beef patties. The planet keeps getting hotter. Coastlines are sinking, droughts are rampant, and the wildfires in California and Canada look like something out of a Michael Bay flick. Yet as dismal as things may seem, we’re making some progress on some fronts.

What’s gotten better? The ozone layer, for one. During my school days, teachers warned me that by the time I became an adult, the ozone hole would give everyone cancer. Today, the ozone hole is almost gone because, as Newsweek wrote, “humans did something about it.” Which is good, since humans created the damn thing in the first place.

As for our animal friends, things aren’t entirely hopeless, either. Some species such as the giant panda, white rhino, and Siberian tiger are no longer endangered thanks to intense conservation efforts. Again, we caused it, so we can fix it.

The rainforests may not be lost, either. Not yet anyway. According to The Smithsonian, Brazil is planting 73 million new trees, India planted 50 million, and China is reforesting 69 million acres.

Things are looking up back here in Southern Colorado, too. Pueblo County, once considered a dwindling industrial community, may soon become our state’s leader for renewable energy via sprawling wind and solar farms. With the help of Pikes Peak Urban Gardens, Colorado Springs now hosts several community gardens where residents can share fresh fruits and vegetables, and more gardens are coming. Even Trinidad, a town born from coal mines, is plotting out large-scale renewable energy projects for Los Animas County.

Earth is our only home, and we only get one shot at saving ourselves. I say “ourselves” because going green really isn’t about saving the forests or the coral reefs or the pandas. It’s about saving us. As George Carlin once said, “The planet is fine.” The people…aren’t.


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