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Sensi Magazine June 2018 - Boston Digital Edition

Jun 01, 2018 07:15AM ● By Amber Orvik

I was standing on the front porch of my building where I live in Dorchester last month, just before a Masshole driver yelled something unintelligible my way in reaction to some middle-finger work from the guy who just t old him off, and right after the glut of biting cold made an insane 40-degree jump in the other direction, giving Boston roughly a 24-hour window between winter and summer.

Sadly, that’s our new reality. Mega storms, Upside Downworld meteorological phenomenon, formerly once-in-a-lifetime weather systems happening on the regular, and the bruising truth that on many fronts we are past the point of no return for irreversibly damaging the one planet we know of that we can exist on. Grim times in suck city, friends.

But it’s the perfect reason to take this month to bring you the normal New Normal content stuffed into this happy little zine in your paws right now, while singling out different stories of sustainability and green this, and eco-friendly that, because at this point if we’re not taking active measures to mitigate our carbon footprint and ensure that as new innovations and technologies for being more eco-conscious emerge, the state continues to embrace them across all aspects of industry. As that relates to the focus of this, we’re talking food, restaurants, grocery stores, and even special agro-supporting cultural sojourns to South America led by the chef-owner of one of the greenest restaurants in the country, located right in the North End.

So sit back, throw something delicious on the nearest available grill, grab your favorite flower, concentrate, edible, or vape, and kick off June with one of these nearby and a good outlook on where we’re going. Because it’s not all bad. We think. 

Happy June, people. Get outside.


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