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Sensi Magazine

Sensi Magazine May 2018 - Denver/Boulder Digital Edition

May 03, 2018 09:01AM


There is nothing patently wrong with Colorado spring.

Mosquitos don’t ruin our cool evenings that follow the dry heat. Outdoor venues from Red Rocks to Mishawaka give us gorgeous backdrops for our revelry. And for a few months, the state will actually look green.

It’s right around the corner, and I’m already planning my getaway. I miss the water.

I’ve tried, Colorado, but I miss the east coast beaches of my childhood, from the chilly waters of Cape Cod to my grandparents’ inlet condo south of the Outer Banks. I’ve tried tubing— see my recommendations in the Sensi Buzz section— and had a season pass to Elitch Gardens for years, but it’s the one thing I can’t recreate here. It’s a fair trade for everything this great state has to offer. That doesn’t stop me from missing deep blue waters.

In this getaway issue, we have Patricia Cameron getting away for a road trip in a story that reminds me of my single mom moving us across the country so many years ago. It’s a touching piece from a talented writer, and I’m proud that you’ll read it here.

For those looking to get outside of themselves, I have a look at the psychedelic experience of ... breathing. Yes, people are altering consciousness through inhaling and exhaling, but there’s also an element of healing I didn’t expect.

Finally, John Lehndorff looks at getting away while staying in state with the best ethnic food spots here in Colorado. From Honduras to Haiti, he has you covered.

Safe travels, friends, even if you don’t make it a mile.

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