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Sensi Magazine April 2018 - Denver/Boulder Digital Edition

Apr 01, 2018 03:39PM ● By Amber Orvik

This time of year, I’d usually be in training. 

April in the cannabis world means a non-stop barrage of dabs and doobies akin to the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest, only with fewer “reversals.” The last thing you want to find yourself is a little too elevated in a sesh with friends, suddenly wondering if you’re being weird because no one is talking, then realizing it has only been a half a second and that’s how time works. In the past, I would be intentionally elevating early and often to prepare, building up a tolerance to avoid being “that guy.” It was a tough job, but someone had to smoke it. 

As someone whose relationship with this breathtaking plant has changed over the years, I find myself consuming more conscientiously, using cannabis as a scalpel instead of a jack hammer. More micro than macro dose, I’m inclined to ask what’s in a bowl before hitting it, curious about the terpenes in that strain because I’m aware of how they affect me. 

Don’t get me wrong: I have nothing but respect for the iron lungs that can take down a half-gram dab without batting a red eye. All I want is the same respect in return for occasionally passing on a joint rolled in kief and filled with a couple grams of distillate to boot. No matter how you get down, this plant binds us together, and that is always worthy of celebration. 

This issue gave me all the feels, starting with my old friend Cory Casciato coming on board to tackle the emerging sport of Pickleball. We primarily know each other from more geeky pursuits, like Magic: The Gathering, so I joked about him actually taking the court for a lesson. Not only did he bust out a racket, but he did so with aplomb before suffering defeat at the hands of two retirees. 

Amanda EK also graces our pages for the first time to get you the scoop on Earth Day in the Denver metro area. While 4/20 is always a blast, I know many of our readers feel a deep obligation to help preserve the planet that gives us cannabis. I hope I see some of you out and about. 

Our SoCo editor Randy Robinson was on fire this month with the ultimate guide to skipping the 4/20 crowds and enjoying some solitude while everyone else fights traffic. And if you don’t know Ru Johnson, I don’t believe you, but Leland Rucker has you covered with a profile on the hip-hop magnate. 

My interview with Aaron Saye floored me. As someone who documented the Denver DIY scene from behind his camera for years, he’s made the community-driven venue Seventh Circle much more than a place where bands rock out. He’ll challenge your misconceptions about the punk scene and its inclusiveness. 

Happy April, everyone. I’m off to not train. 


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