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Sensi Magazine March 2018 - Southern Colorado Digital Edition

Mar 01, 2018 05:10AM ● By Amber Orvik

Editors Note: The Rite of Spring


Newcomers to our state may find this seasonal switcheroo a tad confusing. Heck, I’ve lived here my entire adult life, and I’m still bewildered by Colorado’s freak blizzards blowing through the Front Range while the rest of the country saddles up for suntans and sunsets melting into a glittering sea. 

Although he probably never intended it, the immortal maestro Igor Stravisnky perfectly captured Colorado’s frenetic springtime in his riotously controversial performance The Rite of Spring. Depending on the account, The Rite of Spring’s premiere ended with a stunned audience that either delivered a standing ovation or a droning wall of jeers. Some witnesses claim both events occurred. Critics at the time couldn’t agree if the grating music or the dark ballet act—which concluded with a girl dancing herself into oblivion—induced the most shock. Even if you’re unfamiliar with Stravinsky, you’ve heard this composition or its echoes in popular culture. 

The Rite of Spring introduced the world to the foreboding, eerie, sublime, and downright chaotic modes of what we call “classical music.” Think the theme from Jaws or the suspenseful symphonic snippets that saturate thriller, horror, and even action films. Those all draw from Stravinsky’s masterpiece. And yet, despite breaking every musical convention up to that point, historians generally consider The Rite of Spring as one of the greatest pieces of music of the modern age, if not of all time. 

For Sensi’s Spring Preview issue, imagine Stravinsky revised with added sunlight and harmony. March may be our most climatically hectic month, but in Southern Colorado, we respond to the madness with laughter, teamwork, adventure, and—sometimes—some damn fine weed. Within these pages, you won’t find a young woman literally sashaying the dance macabre, but you will find stories of women braving the most unforgiving of elements, women sparring in circles while decked in fishnets, and women hilariously navigating California’s long dispensary lines in search of the perfect churro. 

One last thing: March is also Women’s History Month. And what better way to celebrate history than by surpassing it? 


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