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HeadSPIN: Prophets of Rage

Jan 08, 2018 07:11PM


 ALBUM: Prophets of Rage (Fantasy Records, 2017)
ARTIST: Prophets of Rage // TOP TRACK: “Legalize Me”
The Justice League...Voltron...peanut butter and jelly—all good things made great when strong, separate parts came together to form a more powerful whole. That’s Prophets of Rage at its core: three-quarters of Rage Against the Machine, with the tag-team vocals of Public Enemy’s Chuck D and Cypress Hill’s B-Real (who play off of each other like they’d been side by side for years), accompanied by DJ Lord (Public
Enemy) on the turntables. It’s a collab that really should’ve happened years ago, but still jumps off decades later. The members are older and wiser—and just as pissed off.

I popped on my ’phones, raised my fist in the air and raged through the next 40 minutes of the Prophets’ new self-titled album. In it, the group runs down the list of hot-button issues
of our day, including our current president (“Hail to the Chief”), cannabis legalization (“Legalize Me”), and more. The music may not blaze any new pathways, but it doesn’t need to. These are straight-up RATM grooves with an updated message.

While it seems like everything in entertainment is getting remade and rebooted nowadays, Prophets of Rage have taken what they know best, tapped into the craziness of our current time, and unleashed that energy into a rallying cry for the next generation. Rage on!

JON PACELLA is a music aficionado and sales specialist at the famous Amoeba Music store in Hollywood. FB: jpacella,