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Cannabis Advertising Grows Up

Nov 08, 2017 11:32AM

Remember the early days of cannabis advertising? In the dawn of legalization, cannabis patients and longtime enthusiasts rushed into dispensaries dollars-in-hand with genuine wonder. To attract customers, businesses switched on the “OPEN” sign, assembled shoddy websites, and advertised to a niche community using weed puns galore.

If you’ve noticed, times have changed. Ambitious cannabis companies in Colorado, Washington, and other mature markets are now attracting yoga instructors, young professionals, and grandmas alike. Reaching this crowd takes more finesse. Brands must overcome complete inexperience with cannabis or fear of judgment from friends and neighbors. Broadcasting the greatest amount of THC or the Dankest Pot in the West will not do the trick.

The most forward-thinking companies instead promote cannabis as a tool for healing, creativity, or adventure. This new branding direction makes complete sense in terms of business and advocacy. As more of the population converts into edibles enthusiasts or infused-lotion appliers, all businesses in the industry enjoy the rising tide. Overcorrection is a very real possibility, though. After all, companies cannot afford to snub the OGs who were right about cannabis decades before the CrossFit trainers came around.

Like other progressive brands, Leafbuyer, known primarily as the go-to resource for cannabis specials, grappled with this dilemma as well. Through blog articles, print advertisements, and informational materials, Leafbuyer carefully altered course to ensure no one got left behind. Their marketing team felt that cannabis has something to offer to everyone regardless of gender, race, class, religion, or sexual orientation.

 While branding is crucial, savvy cannabis companies cannot rely on their values alone to attract consumers. In dispensaries and online, consumers have more options than ever before and will not settle for a subpar, clunky product. In this realm, too, Leafbuyer is making strides by emulating the tech giants that have shaped the online landscape. Leafbuyer’s first innovation in this regard was a switch to a Zillow-like model in early 2016. Then, the most ambitious leap occurred just last month: the team crafted a new interface based on the best aspects of modern websites like Priceline, Trivago, Target, and Amazon.The result? The most intuitive online platform in the cannabis industry, allowing customers to search through comprehensive lists, specials, and menus.

In other words, if you are looking for a snapshot of a modern cannabis company expanding the industry, look no further than Leafbuyer’s advertisements. More importantly, if you seek an ancillary business crafting the future of cannabis shopping, be sure to see the new