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Promotional Feature: Healthy High (Herbal Healing)

Aug 17, 2017 03:07PM ● By Advisory Board
THC and CBD, two most prominent medicinal molecules found in cannabis, work in tandem. Studies show CBD stimulates cell receptors responsible for homeostasis, the body’s natural balance that promotes healing and well-being. THC activates these same receptors, amplifying the properties of CBD for a longer, more sustainable medicinal effect.

Herbal Healing, a medical dispensary with two locations in Colorado Springs, is one of southern Colorado’s top suppliers for high-CBD cannabis strains. These plants provide patients more relief than buzz, but when it comes to treating debilitating conditions, that’s more than enough.

Ryan Moore, cofounder of the Herbal Healing, understands CBD alone, although helpful, is just half the story. “We believe THC is much of the miracle that comes from cannabis,” he says. THC confers the elevating effects from cannabis, but it possesses just as much therapeutic potential as CBD. “With many conditions, if you don’t have THC, you’re not going to get the full benefits of CBD oils.”

Because every patient has specific needs, Herbal Healing offers a wide selection of products. These include flower, concentrates, tinctures, and oils with varying ratios of THC and CBD: from high-CBD and low-THC products to products that contain equal parts of the two. Pure CBD products are available as well.

Potency and affordability are also key components of Herbal Healing’s production line. Many patients require large amounts of cannabis for treatment, so cost can restrict how much medicine they can access. “We solve that by finding super-high producing plants that give us twice as much product than any other strain,” he says. “That offsets the price,” meaning more punch for lower cost.

“As the owners of the company, we’re also the growers,” says Moore. “We are the storefronts. We are the company.”

Herbal Healing welcomes its patients to ask questions and learn about the options available to them. “There’s definitely a homey vibe here, especially with all of us being from Kentucky,” says Moore. “Our patients feel that when they come in the store. They get that Southern hospitality. If you want to talk to us for an hour, we’ll talk to you for an hour.”