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Promo: Fly Higher and Brighter (FireFly)

Aug 17, 2017 12:50PM ● By Advisory Board
There’s one vaporizer on the market that’s incredibly easy to use, simple to maintain, and portable enough to make you forget it’s in your back pocket. As an accessory, it looks stylish, too. That vaporizer is the Firefly.

For newer and veteran vapers, the Firefly’s ease of use is more than welcome. It features just two buttons, and it generates vapor almost instantly. The newest model, the Firefly 2, expands on the original Firefly design, giving users the option of setting variable temperatures, optimizing the vaporizer for different types of cannabis products, such as flower or waxes.

The Firefly also employs a convection heating device, whereas most other vaporizers are actually atomizers instead of vaporizers​ (most e-cigarettes fall into this category)​, ​or they use conduction heating, which is pre-heating vapor to a point where the delicate terpenes get damaged. However, Firefly’s convection heating only works when you start inhaling on the vape, ensuring an extremely smooth hit that lifts only the good stuff from the buds—no burning, no coughing, just the pure flavor from your favorite cannabis and the elevation that will quickly follow. 

Suzy Lanza works in the realm of business development and creative partnerships at Firefly. She notes common conduction devices, because they heat prior to inhaling, end up burning many of the cannabinoids and terpenes from the buds before ever reaching the lungs. “As we study it more, we are realizing terpenes contain many of the medicinal properties of cannabis,” she says. “And in a convection vaporizer, since it’s only heating when you inhale, you get practically every terpene and cannabinoid into your system. The Firefly provides whole plant medicine in the form of full spectrum vapor.”

Including the full profile of beneficial compounds from the cannabis plant is ideal for both medicinal and recreational consumers. This is due to the “entourage effect,” when other cannabinoids and terpenes work in tandem with THC, the part of cannabis that gets us elevated. Terpenes shape how we experience our elevation—whether we feel a jolt of energy or become glued to the couch—as well as for the buds’ characteristic flavors and aromas.  

Like trapping lightning in a jar, the Firefly can work its magic wherever you can carry it. Slick, concealable, and classy—it’s the best of all worlds, and it fits right in your hand.