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Promo: Happy Trails (Happy Camper)

Aug 17, 2017 12:46PM ● By Advisory Board
Tucked away in the quaint mountain town of Bailey, Colorado, you’ll find The Happy Camper. This shop, located just off Highway 285, serves as a cannabis gateway between the Denver area and Park County. Park County is a natural wonderland for Colorado’s outdoor enthusiasts, where travelers can discover some of the state’s most pristine sites for camping, backcountry skiing, hiking, bicycling, fishing, boating, and rafting. 

“We fill the niche left open by ‘big business’ cannabis companies,” says Carley Manning, the dispensary’s marketing director. “It’s our mission to provide the finest cannabis products to both seasoned connoisseurs and those recently acquainted with cannabis.” 

That mission includes a staff of knowledgeable, experienced budtenders. Customers can count on The Happy Camper to direct them to the flower, edibles, and oils best suited to their needs, whether it’s something for a pep-up along one of the area’s many biking trails, or a CBD product to unwind and relax the muscles after a day of mountainous trekking.  

In regard to oils, The Happy Camper is best known for its award-winning concentrates. The company offers some of the most pure and potent waxes and shatters not only in Park County but in the entire state. To craft their in-house concentrates, “we carefully select only the finest material from some of the most renowned cultivation facilities in the industry,” says Manning. The Happy Camper provides its concentrates wholesale and also processes its brand of hashes for other cultivators, too. 

As The Happy Camper continues to grow, the team plans on opening in new locations, each within hiking distance of Colorado’s world-famous outdoor recreational spots. Watch for bike repair stations, tire filling stations, water refilling fountains, and other services to keep local wilderness explorers on track and tip-top. 

To spot The Happy Camper’s storefronts or products, “Just look for the orange tent,” says Manning. “Get happy. Stay happy.”