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Promo: Take Flight (marQaha)

Aug 17, 2017 12:43PM ● By Advisory Board
The adage “first is best” could be an all-out truism in marQaha’s case. When the company’s founders—Skip Meador and Tim McDowell—first met, they imagined a new way to enjoy cannabis, one that regaled the taste buds while making full use of the plant’s medical, spiritual, and therapeutic effects. After all, McDowell was a chef with special training in food safety and production, and Meador developed his own nutraceutical line governed by strict FDA guidelines.

“We came up in the early days of Colorado’s medical cannabis with the idea of a dose-tested product,” says Meador. “Tim and I felt, with our skillsets, we could do it and be medically minded.” Their simple mission is to bring consumers closer to finding, achieving, and maintaining the plant’s purpose in everyone’s lives, and the close connection that comes through this relationship.

In 2010, their vision became marQaha, and it set the standard for medically centered cannabis products today. Named after the Arabic word for “bliss,” marQaha has always crafted its line of cannabis beverages, tinctures, and sublingual sprays with quality and reliability in mind. It’s one planet many plants: cannabis offers something to everyone, marQaha makes it better by blending it into different ingestible forms that harnesses the power of nature.

Since dosing varies between individuals, marQaha’s beverages, sublingual sprays and tinctures are specially formulated for rapid, time-released, and efficient absorption by the body for quick relief and less guesswork. Each product is formulated around the bottle, designed to consistently deliver the same dose each time. 

marQaha’s beverages are also tailored for complete sensory experiences. Every flavor fuses a particular blend of fruit, tea, or coffee matched with a desired effect. For instance, the Lemonade Black Tea and Ozo Cold Brew Coffee Shot flavors are sativa infused to enhance the drinks’ energizing qualities. For a session of relaxation, look to the indica infused Blueberry Chamomile. For a more balanced hybrid infusion experience, try Pomegranate or Fruit Punch.

“We’ve looked at this from the beginning as a medical product, even for the recreational market,” says Meador. “Every ingredient is vetted. Every step is documented. That goes in to every bottle we make.” 

Repetition is the mother of perfection: they have proven this mantra for nearly a decade by bringing years of professional experience delicately balanced with their lab-verified, hands-on production.