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Promo Feature: Gro, Baby, Gro

May 31, 2017 11:48AM ● By Advisory Board
Whether it’s a personal home grow, a medical grow, or a commercial grow, you need equipment. Your grow gear can make or break a successful harvest. If you’re new to the garden, or even if you’re a seasoned grower, it’s good to have experts on hand who understand the feeds, the lights, the fans, and the overall mechanics necessary to keep your grow running strong.

Consider Grofax 5 Hydroponic Supply Center in Federal Heights your one-stop shop. 

Along with grow equipment, Grofax 5 has trim machines available for purchase and rental, plus a whole lineup of lab equipment, vacuum ovens, closed loops, rotary evaporators, and scientific lab glass. 

“We will walk you through the growing process,” says Rachel Anderson, the owner of Grofax 5. “We’ll guide you from beginning to end.” 

Before Rachel got into the garden-supply business, she was a medical caregiver for patients—so she knows, from personal experience, exactly what it takes to get from a cannabis seed or clone to the finished product. “That experience is the guiding principal behind what we do here at Grofax 5,” says Rachel. “We will do our best to help you be successful. We will advise you across the whole spectrum of growing, from hydroponics to soil, and from indoor to outdoor. We will connect you to the right products for your operation.”

Grofax, which has locations throughout the Denver Metro area, takes extra steps to help growers be successful. Some offerings include a Grofax Membership Program, the Will-Call Program, and free local delivery. The Membership Program guarantees a set discount with every purchase. No more haggling prices. Get the discount you want. The Will Call Program allows growers to order online from home for pick up at the nearest Grofax location the following day. And customers of Grofax 5 in Federal Heights also get to enjoy free local delivery straight to their doorstep.

Save time, save effort, and save green: if your plants want it, Grofax has it.