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Promo Feature: The Doctor Is In

May 31, 2017 11:45AM ● By Advisory Board
Even though more than half of all US states now allow some form of medical cannabis, many doctors, for various reasons, won’t recommend it, which leaves people interested in cannabis as a health care option few choices, even where it’s legal.

Enter Cohen Medical Centers in Denver, now in its eighth year, providing its patients with compassionate care in a positive and professional environment. Working closely with the Colorado Department of Health and Environment Marijuana Division, Cohen offers up-to-date information so patients learn how the system works and can better understand what is involved with using cannabis as medicine.

“The reason we exist is that most doctors are not open to the cannabis conversation,” says Robert Cohen, who along with his wife Noel and father Dr. Richard S. Cohen, founded Cohen Medical Centers, with clinics in Denver and Las Vegas. Dr. Cohen began with the intent of practicing medicine while helping people better understand the ins and outs of treating with cannabis: Finding the proper dosage and negotiating the many methods of delivery available including edibles, topicals, tinctures, vaporizers, patches and oils. “My dad’s from the old school,” Cohen says. “He is pretty thorough, not today’s typical six-minute medical consult.”

In Colorado, to obtain a medical license, a face-to-face evaluation with a doctor is required, and you must have one of the following qualifying conditions approved by the state: cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, cachexia, persistent muscle spasms, seizures, severe nausea, or severe pain. Licenses must be renewed every year.

The Cohen Medical staff can answer any of your questions about the process, including those involving plant counts and finding the right medicine and dosages. They provide all the forms necessary for compliance and will guide patients on how to use the new online system to apply, which can have you licensed and medicating within a week.

Cohen Medical Centers is a family-run business, and their attention to patient care reflects that. Ultimately, it’s all about effective medicine and giving those in need options,” Robert Cohen says. “So many patients do not have access to quality medical care, and we are here to help.”

Office visits are $90 and include the standard evaluation and educational materials. The annual state fee for a medical license is $15 a year. Call 303.892.6436 for an appointment or email your request to For additional information, please visit their website at