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High-Tech Toy: PAX Era

May 10, 2017 12:25PM ● By Stephanie Wilson
This is one of the latest vapor platforms for concentrates from the tech geniuses at PAX Labs. This sleek little device looks like a USB thumb drive, you could keep it on your desk at work and your boss would be none the wiser. Not that we advocate for things like that unless you work in a consumption-friendly work place. (Full disclosure: mine is sitting right next to my trackpad as I type.) The PAX ERA, released last summer and quickly amassing a loyal legion of fans, is the first high-quality, easy-to-use, temperature-controlled portable oil vaporizer—but don’t think of it like your basic vape pen. It only uses cartridges (known as Era Pods) made locally in Colorado by The Lab using live resin, which lends itself to an amazing taste and customizable experience. It’s slender, lightweight, and comes complete with an app that allows you to control the temperature, change the colors in the LED interface, play games, and even lock the device to keep others from pulling some puffs when you’re not around. The Pods can seem pricey but if you look around for some deals, you can find them. I suggest Denver Kush Club, which offers 30 percent off cartridges on Wednesdays.