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Promotional Feature: Joint Venture Flavors

May 09, 2017 11:21PM ● By Advisory Board
Teas and coffees have provided relief, relaxation, comfort, and focus to people for thousands of years. Cannabis, too, has done these same things for us, so why not combine the three for a rich, flavorful delight?

“We are a coffee and tea company,” says Wy Livingston, Joint Venture’s founder. With over ten years in the business of teas and coffees, she knows a thing or two regarding what goes into a quality leaf or bean. “It’s what we do.”

Purple Monkey is Joint Venture’s newest foray into Colorado’s cannabis scene. Purple Monkey products come in boxes (collections) of world-class teas and coffees with infused honey and nonfat creamer for a truly customized cup. Every cup tastes and smells only of the coffee or tea and their condiments, ensuring a completely discreet experience that can follow you anywhere you go, day or night.

There’s also the convenience of simplicity, as fixing a cup of Purple Monkey teas or coffees is as simple as steeping a freshly opened bag of oolong. “To take it,” explains Livingston, “you just do the same thing you do all day, every day.” Take one cup, add hot water, and voila.

Purple Monkey currently has a variety of flavors available, too. For teas, there’s Monkey Mango with Rooibos, Strawberry Kiwi, and the classic Earl Grey. For coffees, savor the Monkey Mocha chocolate java. Or you can skip the coffee and go straight for the Canna Cocoa hot chocolate.

Recreational collections include 100 mg THC in each box, split between 10 mg tea or coffee packs, 10 mg Honey Buzz, and 10 mg creamers. Medical collections include 250 mg THC in each box, with each pack containing 25 mg THC. Or, as Livingston puts it, “This is our version of the entourage effect.”

Try them at any point of your day, whether as your morning ritual, reading a good book, going for a long walk, or hanging out with friends. Take them with you when you’re on the go. Purple Monkey: the discreet way to elevate.