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Promotional Feature: Expert Advice

May 09, 2017 11:21PM ● By Alex Martinez
It is important for the right hand to know what the left hand is doing.

That sounds easy enough, but as Kathryn Awada has found in her eight years in the cannabis industry, it’s more difficult than you might think. Her cannabis career began at a dispensary in southeast Denver in 2009. She’s since been a trimmer, budtender, financial planner, media relations contact, special events coordinator, and store manager. Now she’s the CEO of her own firm, 5700 Consulting.

“During my first years in the industry, when I was wide-eyed and eager to learn, I had a lot of questions. A number of situations arose that required more investigation,” Awada says. “I found that many of the ‘experts’ knew their own job but were limited by a lack of knowledge and/or understanding of the other aspects of the industry.”

She created 5700 Consulting as a central resource for companies seeking competence in every aspect of business operations. While being well versed in a specific aspect of the industry is a good start for any business, Awada says it’s important to understand every facet—as well as how each component interacts with or affects other areas of the organization. So that’s what 5700 Consulting strives to provide. “This eliminates errors and oversights that result from not understanding the big picture,” she says.

“Our goal is to offer convenient, accessible tools and information to business owners without the brain damage of having to ferret out additional information elsewhere,” she says. “We’re about empowering owners, managers, and associates by providing comprehensive services coupled with proficient professionals.”

She’s even added compliance and operational consulting to her repertoire. As the first METRC consultant, she helps businesses navigate the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance system, which tracks plants from seed to sale.

Her work on the medical marijuana side with patients battling ailments, including herself and other family members, has made her an advocate for the possibilities of the plant. “Hearing patients’ stories, seeing progress, and assisting in the healing process has been one of the most humbling and invaluable times of my life. It has granted me the ability to assist more people.

“My experience enables me to anticipate client needs and provide the support they need,” she says. “I believe in keeping an open mind and providing encouragement and support in the ways that I can.”