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Canopy Events Aimed at Entrepreneurs

May 09, 2017 11:44AM ● By Leland Rucker

Anyone who thinks the cannabis industry is just about marijuana isn’t paying attention. A report last fall from the Marijuana Policy Group shows that marijuana dispensaries, growing and manufacturing facilities spend almost 2.4 billion in the state for everything from warehouse space and real estate to construction, office space, rent, security, electricity, data entry, lawyers, analytics, accountants and lobbyists, among others. 

The first time I really realized how large the cannabis industry was getting in Colorado was in 2015 at a Canopy-Boulder Demo Day event at Etown Hall, which was jammed with a couple hundred people interested in hearing about the kinds of businesses emerging out of the cannabis industry that weren’t necessarily tied to the plant itself. 

I talked to a lot of people that night. Many of them, I found out, had ideas of their own and were looking for pointers on how businesses sell and promote themselves, others were just curious to see what was happening in the cannabis industry. For the companies involved, it was their time to shine. 

If you want to see more about these kinds of businesses, Canopy and ArcView Group are sponsoring a couple of events aimed directly at you. The latest Demo Day is happening Friday at the Boulder Theater, with ten companies who have gone through the Canopy program exhibiting their wares and promoting their products. It’s free, and you can sign up for the Investor-Only session from 2:45-5pm, and a public session from 7-9:30pm. Sign up at

If you already have an idea, Canopy is holding a Denver Demo Day and Jumpstart Conference for entrepreneurs and start-ups on Thursday, May 25, 10am-5pm at Cultivated Synergy. 2901 Walnut St. in Denver. 

“It’s a full day conference with panels on how to find capital and investors, bootstrapping and lessons learned from players who have been in the industry,” says Canopy’s Meghan Grabow. “There’s more competition in the industry today,” she adds. “But also more opportunity, particularly in the ancillary sector, as it develops building processes.” 

What do you have to do to attend either event? “You just have to fill out the form on landing page to let us know what your company is and you’re your interests are in cannabis,” Grabow adds. “We want to engage people in how we can tailor the conference to them.”

Full information and registration forms for both events are available at: