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CO | QA: Philip Wolf of Cannabis Wedding Expo

Feb 15, 2017 03:15PM ● By Stephanie Wilson
Image by Danielle Webster Photography

Ah, it’s February, and romance is in the air. So we asked Philip Wolf, CEO of Cultivating Spirits and cofounder and CEO of the Cannabis Wedding Expo to share what he loves about cannabis and Colorado. Happening in Littleton on February 19, the expo gives a glimpse at the sophisticated side of the cannabis world, showcasing the trendsetting venues, caterers, photographers, florists, and other event specialists who are happy to help elevate a special dayTickets are just $10 so even if you don't have any pending nuptials, it's worth checking out the more modern side of this maturing industry.

Name // Philip Wolf

Age // 31

Neighborhood // Frisco, CO

Originally from // Houston, TX

Coloradan since // 1993

Motto // You do you

Hero // Nelson Mandela


Reading // Yoga & Ayurveda by David Frawley

Binging // Snowboarding

Loving // Yoga

If you didn’t live in Colorado, you’d … // Be living in a third world country, exploring and working from abroad.


Neighborhood // The Highlands

Coffee Shop // Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters, in Frisco

Restaurant // Modis, in Breckenridge

Brunch Spot // Linger

Dive Bar // The Moose Jaw, in Frisco

Dispensary // High Country Healing, in Silverthorne

Edible // Anything created by Jessica Catalano

Strain/Concentrate // Golden Goat

Salon/Spa // Primal Therapeutics

Boutique/Shopping // Sol Shine, in LoHi

Hiking Trail // Mount of the Holy Cross

Park // Walter Byron, in Frisco

Ski Resort // Copper

Local Getaway // Any and all mountain towns in Colorado. They all have their own unique charm.

Workout/Gym // Meta Yoga Studios

Go-To Place to Take Guests // A sunset over Lake Dillon

Your Happy Place // My yoga mat


Q // Who first introduced you to cannabis? How old were you?

A // Neighborhood friends in middle school

Q // Did your parents find out?

A // No

Q // Whatcha call it? Cannabis, marijuana, pot, weed, devil’s lettuce …

A // Cannabis

Q // What was the first dispensary you visited? What did you buy?

A // My own dispensary, Colorado Cannabis Caregivers in Colorado Springs, 2009. I actually supplied a bunch of AK-47. If you grew up in the Springs area in the late 2000s, you remember that AK-47 strain.

Q // What’s your favorite way to elevate? Eat it, smoke it, vape it, dab it, or just rub some pot on it (aka a topical)?

A // I love the flower.

Q // How’s it make you feel?

A // It depends on the terpene profile, but whatever I smoke, depending on what activity I’m getting into, I want to make sure the strain has the proper terpene profile to make me in tune with my surroundings and have the cannabis consumed serve a greater purpose.

Q // Munchie style: Are you more of a savory or a sweet snacker?

A // Savory during the day and sweets at night.

Q // What’s your favorite thing to do after using cannabis?

A // If I’m using recreationally, I like to consume before a steep powder line or as I’m dancing my

ass off at a great show.

Q // Pretend you’re high. (If you are high, carry on!) What’s on your playlist?

A // It could be anything from Elephant Revival to Nas. I love all music that is expressional and has lyrical/musical depth to it.

Q // Can you roll a joint?

A // Of course. How big do you want it?

Q // Got any advice for anyone new to cannabis?

A // Educate yourself. Focus on how certain terpene profiles and THC percentages affect you. Pay attention to the time of day you consume and how it makes you feel then and later in the day. Don’t smoke to just “get high”, smoke with an intention for cannabis to serve you. If it doesn’t serve you at that moment then don’t consume.