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Auxiliary Tech Rules NCIA's Seed-to-Sale Show 2018

Feb 07, 2017 05:58PM ● Published by Randy Robinson

Ken Berke - PayQwick

"electronic payment hub" "compliance platform"

Kate Farmer - VP of Marketing

Joel Melton - Cofounder and CEO

Baker founded in 2014. "There's a ton of competition for customers. You have more dispensaries here than Starbucks and 7-11s all competing with each other. But you also have WeedMaps and Leafly and Mass Roots and Sticky Buyer and PotGuide and LeafBuyer 

"We're going to give dispensaries all the tools they need to figure out who their customers are, what they like, and how to keep them loyal, to keep them coming back."

"How do we help these dispensaries build their own brand so they stick out from the other 400 dispensaries down the street?"

In years past, extraction technology dominated the cannabis industries. Newer concentrate products became purer, with moods refined by customized by terpene oils. However, with cannabinoid isolates and distillates reaching 99 percent THC, extraction tech has, for now, reached its limits. 

Edibles also took the spotlight with water-soluble THC products. Water-soluble THC ingredients from companies like Ripple and Ebbu offered patients and consumers near-instant relief in practically any drink or dish. 

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