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CO's Unconventional Valentine’s Guide

Jan 30, 2017 08:02PM ● By Randy Robinson

Valentine’s Day is creeping up. Before you know it, you’ll be scrambling to make last-minute plans at that fancy restaurant, the one where everyone else made last-minute plans.

Do you really want to spend your most specialest day for your most specialest person at another generic dinner-and-movie yawn-a-thon?

Luckily, Colorado can be a strange place, where the weirdos are catered to just as much as the norms.

For Valentine’s Day this year, consider the unusual choice….

For Star-Crossed Lovers (Family-Friendly) – Star Gazing in Boulder & Denver

Two Colorado astronomical conservatories hold regular open houses throughout the year. In February, you can catch a free night of stargazing in Boulder on Feb. 10, or you can hit up the telescope in Denver on Valentine’s Day itself, Feb. 14. Wish upon a shooting a star, a UFO, or some space junk as it blazes across the sky.

Website for Boulder
Website for Denver
February 10 (Boulder) & February 14 (Denver)

For the Horror Fans – Valentine X

Did you know feeling afraid gets the same brain juices flowing as–well–falling in love? Psychologists studied roller coaster riders in 2003, and the riders rated their partners as more attractive and desirable after riding the roller coaster.

Of course, there’s a number of theme parks in the Denver area that offer roller coaster rides. If you prefer your scares a little more personable and interactive, check out the haunted house Valentine X. It’s a bleeding-heart themed scare-tour thrown by the same folks behind Halloween’s The 13th Floor.

4120 Brighton Blvd.
Denver, CO 80216
February 10 & 11 (7pm-11pm)

For the Ballers and High-Rollers – The Oxford Hotel

Bling bling–if you got the cash, treat yourselves. The Oxford Hotel offers a special Valentine’s Day package that’ll whip up a Special Chef’s dinner for two in their coveted Presidential Suite, a bottle of genuine Dom, an exquisite flower arrangement, plenty of chocolate truffles, a hefty gift certificate to John Atencio Jewelers, and a couples massage at the hotel’s spa.

There’s a more affordable option that includes truffles, flowers, and prosecco, if the first option is too extra.

1600 17th St.
Denver, CO 80202
February 14

For Puzzle Lovers – Escape Rooms

Did you grow up playing Clue? Do you like solving puzzles? Do you work well with a team or under pressure? Northern Colorado has several "escape rooms," where you, your special someone, and a group of other like minded individuals are trapped in a room. Typically, you get one hour to find clues, decode the puzzles, and escape the room intact. (Don't worry: if you don't make it by the one-hour limit, they let you out. But you're let out as a loser.)

Below is a short list of some of Northern Colorado's favorite escape room companies. Have fun....

The Clue Room
Denver Escape Room
The Golden Puzzle Room

For the Competitive – Valentine’s Last Stand at Laser Quest

Get your pew-pew on in a giant labyrinth. Join forces with your partner, or if you're really combative, join opposing teams and let the best laser-tagger win! The best part about this event is that it takes place a few days after Valentine's Day, so you can avoid all the V-Day crowds. It's also a nighttime event, so there won't be any young buggers getting in your way (or ducking your well-placed shots). 

8988 E Hampden Ave.
Denver, CO 80231
February 17 (11:59pm-6am)

For Something Hands-On (Family-Friendly) – Chocolate Treats at Denver Botanic Gardens

Why buy a box of chocolates packed by some machine in a factory on the other side of the country? Make your own! With your lover by your side! The Chocolate Treats workshop at Denver Botanic Gardens provides a crash-course education for the chocolate tree and the cacao bean. All students learn how chocolate is made, then create a box filled with their own fudgy arrangements.

1007 York St.
Denver, CO 80206
February 12 (10am & 2pm)