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Soak Up the Springs

Dec 19, 2016 01:29AM ● Published by Randy Robinson

Although some of the science behind the many health benefits of hot springs is still being worked out, some of it is confirmed. A soak in a hot spring differs from one in our home bathtub or Jacuzzi because of the dissolved minerals and ions found in the natural wells. Calcium, zinc, sulfate, and magnesium are present in most hot springs.

Those last two, magnesium and sulfate, are something we’re all familiar with. Most of us know magnesium sulfate by another name: Epsom salt, the bath crystals that can soothe sore muscles and detoxify our body’s impurities from the inside out.

Which is just one reason why you should consider slipping into any one of the following year-round hot springs locations this winter. We’ve selected some of our favorite steaming spots around the state, so no matter where you may be, you can find a place to soak up the goodness.

Consistently ranked one of the best hot springs resorts in the country, Strawberry Park isn’t just a warm pool of rejuvenating water. It’s practically its own self-contained community, with lodging that includes teepees, cabins, covered wagons, and even a stationary train caboose. This gorgeous resort resides deep in the Rocky Mountain forests, which gives it the feel of a sequestered, Edenic escape.

If you’re looking for a steamy affair that’s closer to the Denver area, head over to Indian Hot Springs. These hot springs are enclosed indoors, so when you step out of the water, you’ll remain warm and cozy. The Indian Hot Springs is attached to a hotel, so it’s a prime location to stay if you plan on skiing near Vail or Aspen.

Desert Reef, which is located near the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, describes itself as an oasis in the Colorado desert. And this outdoor spring is located in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by only small hills and sand or snow as far as the eye can see. If you want the hot springs experience without all the frills, crowds, or even a roof, Desert Reef should be at the top of your list. It’s open in the winter, and nothing quite beats an outside hot springs experience while surrounded by fields of fluffy powder.

Okay, so Ouray isn’t one particular hot spring, per se. It’s a town just a few miles out of Telluride. Ouray, however, hosts one of the largest concentrations of hot springs in the state, so there’s plenty of places to choose from. Wiesbaden Hot Springs, Twin Peaks Lodge, and Box Canyon Lodge are all within walking distance from one another. Consider a stay in Ouray if you’ve got an itch to spring shop this holiday season.
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