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Rocky Mountain Gift Guide

Dec 02, 2016 10:44AM ● By Stephanie Wilson
Let’s be honest, we all could use a little more cheer. This year, you may find it difficult to get into the holiday spirit. It may sound crazy but shopping can help with that—if you're shopping for others. The altruistic tradition of holiday gift giving is shown to improve psychological health. When you give without expecting anything in return, you're showing your gratitude for the people in your life and strengthening your bonds. Watching someone open the perfect gift that you picked out gives you a feeling of satisfaction. That said, finding the perfect item can be stressful. To help, we compiled a roundup replete with high-tech contraptions, thought-provoking objects, retro-cool gadgets, and heart-warming comfort items. 

Griffin iTrip Clip, $19.99 // GRIFFINTECHNOLOGY.COM

Does your bestie have a junk drawer full of cords and headphones that are basically obsolete with the introduction of the iPhone 7? Bring those jacked headphones back to life with this $20 Bluetooth adapter. It pairs any set of headphones to a smartphone—even to those jack-free new devices that force you to use a dongle adapter to plug in your corded earbuds. Which means this is also the perfect gift for that coworker who “literally can’t even” whenever someone uses the word “dongle.”

Morgan Lane Lacey Lids Mask, $110 // MORGAN-LANE.COM

Show your leading lady you care about the quality of her rest—it is the foundation of good health after all. Part of a limited-edition collaboration between Morgan Lane and famed British doll designer Amanda Fatherazi, who is lauded for her couture embroidery and intricate, small-scale designs, this silk-charmeuse eye mask reflects an elevated attention to detail. The long-lashed tulle eyes are topped with beads so tiny they won’t cause a Princess and the Pea-type situation. [image courtesy Nordstrom.]


Loopy Mango Her Beanie Kit, $65 // LOOPYMANGO.COM

For the creative types on your list, this artisanal DIY beanie from Loopy Mango is a sure hit. The beginner-friendly knitting kit comes with a ball of thick merino wool yarn made in Key Largo, Florida, as well as birch wood circular knitting needles and an easy-to-follow pattern. After just an hour or two of effort, your crafty friend will have created a one-of-a-kind accessory to keep her warm this winter. [image courtesy Nordstrom.]

Juniper Books Mountaineering Set, $295 // JUNIPERBOOKS.COM

Go ahead, judge these books by the cover. Colorado’s own Juniper Books offers covetable sets of books that beg for prominent display, boasting intricate cover designs united by custom jackets. The Boulder-based brand makes diverse sets ranging from Hemingway, Orwell, and Austen to Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. If you’re in the holiday spirit, the Christmas Classics set from Penguin ($195) includes A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, The Night Before Christmas by Nikolai Gogol, and other holiday favorites. But we’re guessing you know a Coloradan or two who would climb a 14er in a blizzard to get their hands on this incredible Mountaineering Book Set, with custom jackets featuring an original illustration. Some of the titles included in the anthology: Hermann Buhl: Climbing without Compromise by Reinhold Messner and Horst Höfler, Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer, and The Calling: A Life Rocked by Mountains by Barry Blanchard.

Lomography Lomo’Instant Wide White, $239 // LOMOGRAPHY.COM

Capture the excitement of the holidays. Instant gratification is the name of the game, and there’s nothing like the tangible, even in the digital age. Which is why we’re gaga for the Lomo’Instant Wide. The modern take on the instant camera provides full-sized photos—double the size of the on-demand snapshots produced by the Instax Mini, the must-have, hipster-favorite camera of holidays past. This updated creative gadget boasts a slew of exposure settings, filters, and lenses, which earned it the Editors’ Choice award for instant cameras by PC Mag. Both aspiring and inspired shutterbugs in your life will thank you—especially if you also wrap some film and AA batteries to go with it.

S’well Destination Bottle — Aspen, $35 // SWELLBOTTLE.COM

Plastic may be forever, but the landfill filler isn’t celebrated the same way a diamond is. Which means your friends don’t want plastic water bottles for Christmas, but they would appreciate one of these stainless steel bottles by S’well, which pays homage to the Sawatch Range of Aspen, Colorado.

Crosley Radio Bermuda Turntable, $249.95 // CROSLEYRADIO.COM

“Retro cool” has never sounded or looked so good. This modern two-speed turntable, based on 1960s British Dansette models, is portable and powerful. It’s stylish enough to stand on its own, or remove the legs and make it the centerpiece of a room’s decor. It’s perfect for the vinyl-loving folks in your life who you’ve heard rant about the decay of music quality in the age of iTunes and Spotify. [Image courtesy Nordstrom.]

Bow & Drape Throw Pillow, $49 // NORDSTROM.COM

It was a rough year, we all struggled. Now it’s time to snuggle. Show your appreciation for your holiday host with this sequined accent pillow.

Sunnylife Donut Candle, $21 // SUNNYLIFE.COM

For that coworker who always has the midday munchies but swears her New Year’s resolution will be no more sweets, this whimsical oversized candle smells like cinnamon biscuits—sure to help anyone stick to their carb-free plans.

Pillowfort Gold Star Teepee, $89.99 // TARGET.COM

What kid doesn’t want a teepee? Heck, what adult doesn’t want to decamp to a personal fort? This one’s a bit too tiny for full-sized humans, but it’s perfect for a sleepover with stuffed animals.

Cathy’s Concepts Monogram Glass Terrarium, $58 // NORDSTROM.COM

Get your grow on. House some succulents. Tend to some ferns. Or order this with your friend’s initial on the monogrammed wood stopper so they can enjoy the greenery. Given the natural variation of the wood, each monogram will be as unique as the person you gift it to.

Pyle Doggy Fun, $89.99 // PYLEUSA.COM

Four-legged friends also want in on the gifting fun—especially since your hectic holiday schedule means you're almost never home. Make it up to Fido by training him to use this simple automatic ball launcher, which helps run your pooch ragged even if you’re not around to throw the ball. Just promise us you’ll also give your furry bestie some extra love come January with some in-person cuddle action and extra-long romps in the snow.


QBracelet with iPhone Charger, $149 // QDESIGNS.CO

Wrap a wrist with one sleek, high-wattage accessory. The bracelet has a built-in Apple Lightning connector to charge the iPhone of the power-hungry, fashion-forward femmes in your life. Perfect for your girlfriend who always claims she didn’t text back because her phone was dead.

 Chronicle Books Cats on Instagram, $16.95 // CHRONICLEBOOKS.COM

This is the purrfect gift for your sister, who thinks cats are like potato chips because “you can’t have just one.”

Cannabis The Card Game, $29.99 // CANNABISTHECARDGAME.COM

If your family is anything like mine, you’ve shared some inappropriate laughs during rounds of Cards Against Humanity. (Turns out my father has a raunchier sense of humor than I thought possible.) Now that cannabis is legal for adult use in eight states, it’s time to introduce your loved ones to an uplifting action card game that's billed as fun, witty, and slightly twisted. One sample fill-in-the-blank card: “I call Sativa the ‘smart people’s pot.’ Smoking it makes you feel like ______.” Our favorite answer card of the boxed bunch: “Studying for your drug test.”

Native Union DOCK for Apple Watch, $59.99 // NATIVEUNION.COM

Charge up and tap away: that’s the name of the game for your tech-wearing companion, who will swoon for this sleek dock for the Apple Watch.

Level 1 Interpening Course, $125 // TRICHOMEINSTITUTE.COM

For the serious cannabis connoisseur, consider a gift certificate for the interpening course by Trichome Institute. Interpening—a term that comes from “interpreting terpenes”—is like the cannabis equivalent of an intro wine sommelier course, where the students learn the tools to better assess the flavor, quality, and effects of the elevating substance. The two-hour class, led by Denver-based cannabis expert Max Montrose, calls to aspiring and experienced bud-lovers both near and far: in the class Sensi attended, students had traveled from places like Tuscan, Boston, Washington, and Alaska to soak up knowledge about this budding legal industry.