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Medical States See Fewer Sick Days

Jul 21, 2016 11:32AM ● By Randy Robinson
According to a new study, states with medical marijuana programs show increased worker productivity. Employees in these states take fewer sick days than states under full prohibition.

The study appeared in Health Economics, and it found an 8 to 15 percent decrease in workers calling out sick. But why?

That part seems a little unclear. It could be because cannabis improves general health, so employees are getting sick less. Or it could be because cannabis improves mental health, so workers have more energy and feel more motivated. Or it could be due to medical marijuana replacing popular pharmaceuticals, which are known to elicit a host of side effects in people (which can make them feel or actually become ill). 

Either way, we now have even more data that not only does legal cannabis improve our quality of life, it may also assuage our nation's pharmaceutical addiction