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Feminine Abstractions at the Denver Art Museum

Jun 14, 2016 01:04PM ● By Randy Robinson
You've probably heard about Jackson Pollock. And if you're from Denver, you're familiar with the name Clyfford Still, who has a museum right here in our capital city.

But what about Elaine de Kooning, Garce Hartigan, or Corrine Michelle West?

Unless you're a full-time aesthetician, you've probably never heard of those three women. Or any of the other women who formed the heart of America's indefinable art movement.

That female artists are often ignored by critics, academics, and the media is no secret in the art world. A new exhibit at the Denver Art Museum intends to change that with a little education and a lot of paintings.

Starting June 12 and running through to September 25, the Denver Art Museum will host the Women of Abstract Expressionism exhibit, which features twelve female abstract artists including Joan Mitchell, Helen Frankenhaler, Perle Fine, and Sonia Getchoff.

Gwen Chanzit, a curator of modern art at the Denver Art Museum, had the idea while taking a plane ride back to Colorado. She realized female abstract artists were not only undervalued, they were often omitted from art textbooks and curricula altogether.

"With few exceptions, current market values still undervalue canvases by female painters of this movement in comparison to their male contemporaries," Chanzit told art website Hyper Allergic in 2015. "Projects like this one provide an essential correction to this unevenness."

Access to the exhibit is included with general admission to the Denver Art Museum. Grapefruits from Yoko Ono will not be provided.

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Museum rendering image courtesy Denver Art Museum.

CBS Denver's story on the Women of Abstract Expressionism exhibit