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DIY Extractions Right from the Source

Jan 04, 2016 02:55PM ● By Stephanie Wilson

As the craft and DIY movement continues strong as we enter 2016, the Source by ExtractCraft is an at-home essential oil extractor poised to be a game-changer for essential oil enthusiasts and medicine makers alike. We invited the Longmont, Colorado-based company to join our Sensi team on a recent Taco Tuesday at Green Labs Denver to show off what the powerful kitchen device can do. 

 We learned that it packs a whole lot of punch into a small machine—about 6 lbs and 10-inches tall—that fits in nicely in any modern kitchen. Designed by a former NASA engineer right here in Colorado, The Source makes it super safe and easy to extract essential oils and concentrates from any plant-based material in just about two hours. The whole process can be monitored using the Bluetooth-connected app, available for iOS and Android. 

It’s easy to see the potential is big for both cannabis concentrate consumers, essential oil enthusiasts, and home medicine makers alike. The extraction takes place in an easy four-part process: 1) Choose your botanical—cannabis or otherwise. 2) Mix it with food-grade grain alcohol, which serves as the solvent. 3) Strain the mix into the Source. 4) Press a button and wait as the machine extracts the essential oil, free of pollutants or foreign solutions, into the center container.

Thanks to a vacuum technology creating a high-pressure system in the machine, the extraction is done at a low temperature (meaning it’s safe) in a sealed container (meaning it’s also virtually odorless). It’s super quiet throughout the process, too—an added bonus. 

A natural approach to self-care, essential oils are shown to bring physical and mental benefits. Without the Source, making concentrates and extracting essential oils from a variety of botanicals can be a time-consuming, confusing, and extensive process.

The Source allows you to control the whole extraction or concentration process—especially if you grow your own plants or herbs. So you know exactly what you are getting out of the machine—a must for anyone concerned with the pesticides used growing many commercially available plants. 

Use the Source to create essential oils and concentrates for alternative medicine, cooking, cocktails, brewing, winemaking, fragrances, or aromatherapy. On the ExtractCraft website, you’ll find recipes for everything from whipped body butter to rose linen spray to lavender lemonade. As the website touts, your imagination is the limit when it comes to what you can make with the Source. 

Right now through January 17, 2016, the new device is available for pre-order at a discounted price—$399, about 43 percent off the suggested MSRP—and the first orders will begin to ship this March. 

The Source by ExtractCraft