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New Year’s Resolutions For Marijuana Users

Dec 31, 2015 03:35PM ● By Michele Ross

2016 is almost here, and it’s going to be a fantastic year for marijuana legalization. Do your part with these New Year’s resolutions for marijuana users.  Since New Year’s resolutions are notoriously hard to keep, think of these more as goals to accomplish in 2016. 


It’s scary to be a mom or a business professional because you’re scared you’ll be fired or lose your kids because you use cannabis. Unfortunately, the rights of cannabis patients are not protected in most states. Discrimination against cannabis patients is a civil rights issue. Let’s rally for our rights the same way the LGBT community did to earn the Supreme Courting ruling that states must allow same-sex marriage in 2015.

Come out of the closet and raise your bud. There is strength in numbers. There are many groups working hard to destigmatize medical marijuana use, including Impact Network and Sensi Magazine. Green Flower Media launched a #ComingOutGreen campaign in 2015 that encouraged cannabis users to upload YouTube videos with the hashtag and “talk about benefits you get from cannabis and why you felt compelled to step forward.”


You know cannabis has amazing health benefits. But does your mom, your doctor, your friends, your coworkers, your grandma? Yes, it’s still taboo in some places, but honestly so many people are misinformed about marijuana that it is mind-boggling. Most medical schools spend one sentence on the endocannabinoid system, and most doctors don’t know what CBD is. The more people you educate via a conversation or by sharing articles over social media, the more lives you save! Aim for sharing cannabis news or health articles once a day or at least once a week. A retweet isn’t going to hurt anyone. 

Encourage your loved ones to attend informational sessions on how to use cannabis. Impact Network holds a monthly series every second Saturday on cannabis & disease topics. Even if you aren’t local to Denver, Colorado, you can watch the livestream at home or anywhere in the world.


Donate to an organization that does cannabis research or educates doctors and patients about the benefits of cannabis for their disease instead of an organization that promotes pharmaceuticals or chemotherapy. For example, since cannabis can help prevent and treat breast cancer, donate to the Impact Network instead of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Same with the ALS Foundation. 2014 was the year of the ice bucket challenge, but money should be going to treatments that really save people. Cannabis is often rejected by mainstream nonprofit foundations. Remember that when you donate money.


Don’t like a new cannabis law? Lobby, phone or email your senators, representatives, mayor, governor, city council, etc. Sign those petitions from Start one of your own. Follow the bills up for voting on federal level with VoteTocracy, an amazing platform that lets you email your representatives with one click and search for bills that contain the keyword “marijuana.”

Marijuana is becoming legal across the country, but people are still serving life in federal prison for pot. We must never stop until all the prisoners of the war on drugs are free! Support groups like CAN-DO which fights to free pot lifers and Human Solution International which helps patients and providers fighting current charges.


One of the most common reasons doctors or politicians give for not supporting medical marijuana is that there hasn’t been enough research on it. Unfortunately, because cannabis is currently Schedule 1, it is harder to do clinical research on it than it is for other drugs, like cocaine, which is Schedule 2. If universities were allowed to grow their own strains of cannabis instead of relying on one strain from the federal government, research would be much easier.

Researchers can study the benefits and risk of cannabis in users that are currently taking cannabinoid medicine using a method called observational research. Mobile health apps measuring cannabis use coming out in 2016 will provide a way for cannabis users to contribute to cannabis research. Sign up for updates at the Impact Network to learn when clinical trials are ready.


Joints are for old-school cannabis users and they have a different feel from vaporizers. But by burning cannabis, you’re getting many of the same cancer-causing toxins of smoking tobacco. Switch to a personal vaporizer like the Pax 2 and not only will you stop smoking toxins, but you’ll get all the benefits of cannabis because the flavors and health benefits of terpenes will not be burned off. Vaping is not only healthier, but helps you “taste” the notes of top-shelf cannabis, similar to enjoying a fine wine. I haven’t smoked a single joint since getting my vaporizer. Once you try it, you’ll understand why.


Would you buy bootleg Tylenol made in a bathtub? No. Demand testing for THC & CBD potency, as well as mold, pesticides, and other toxins from your local dispensary. Organic cannabis should be your goal if you can afford it. If we all demand high quality, tested medicine, the shady dispensaries will go out of business and marijuana will be safe for everyone.

Another option is to learn to grow your own cannabis, or make your own cannabis products at home. Make your own cannabutter in 45 minutes with easy to use The Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser to make any meal a cannabis-infused meals.  Make your own custom blend of cannabis oil in an hour using the Source.


There are so many ways to enjoy cannabis, and not all of them get you high. Every day there are new products to try, including topical creams that relieve pain, live resin, and lubricants that enhance orgasms with THC. Try some raw honey infused with CBD. Every year more cannabinoids are being discovered, and currently there are more than 138 of them. In 2016 the product ingredient combinations are endless! Comment below with your favorite product of 2015.


Set your alarm to 4:20 pm every day and remind yourself to do one of these resolutions!