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Sensi Culture Defined

Oct 07, 2015 11:34AM ● By Ron Kolb

Here at Sensi Media Group, we believe in the importance of company culture. As we launch this exciting new media endeavor, we are putting the emphasis on our culture from the get-go, because I am a firm believer that companies shouldn’t leave their culture to chance. 

Defining your culture is an important step for any company to undertake—new businesses and established brands alike. If you have a existing company without a guiding culture statement, now is as good a time as any to evaluate what your positions are. 

If you are a new business—as so many in the cannabis industry are—I encourage you to take the time now to define the values you hope to instill in every employee you hire, to portray in every interaction they have on behalf of your organization. I believe that’s the recipe for success in any business. 


We are structuring Sensi’s belief system around proven corporate cultures that are changing the face of business, using our own experiences with what works and what doesn’t to cull together our guiding ethos. 

Our logo, a deconstructed cannabis leaf, is designed to help people see cannabis in a new way, part of our mission to Shift the Culture from negative associations so prevalent in the past. The seven leaves in our logo also represent the seven pillars that define our corporate culture. Humility and Growth form the two base bract leaves that provide the base from which our five core values, represented by the fan leaves, can grow and thrive. 

This is how the Sensi culture is defined: 


We are not perfect. We acknowledge our strengths as well as our weaknesses, and we leave our ego out of it. We have the perspective to see the truth in every interaction, and this enables us to root out the bad to accelerate the good. It keeps us on track as we go after our goals. And go after them we do, with all our heart. 


We are all about progression. As entrepreneur Jim Rohn, whom I deeply admire, once said, if you’re not progressing, you’re regressing. We strive for progress in our business and in ourselves, both personally and professionally. We do not rest on our laurels, do not coast. We push forward in the good times and we push even harder in the not-so-good times. We work hard to grow Sensi into a formidable media conglomerate. 

Warrior’s Resolve

We are determined. We face our challenges and our successes with a winning attitude; we own them and handle ourselves with dignity. We understand that its not always going to be easy but we submit to the adventure of building something new and fresh into something great and thriving. We do what it takes to make incredible things happen, we stay nimble, and we lay it all on the line. 

Giving Spirit

We add value. We eschew the typical “me first” mentality that is so prevalent in business, so our relationships are not built solely on our bottom line. At Sensi, we are most concerned with the cause: Shift the Culture. We seek to help other businesses and individuals who are alined with our mission—regardless of any monetary gain. 

Understanding Heart

We trust one another. We understand that we all make mistakes; we are all human. But we do not place blame, do not look for who is at fault when a situation arises. We remain committed to what we do as we stand beside one another and take collective responsibility. We discuss issues with our team members and determine how to best move forward together. 

Community Mind

We are involved. We are not just faceless entrepreneurs making calls from our desks; we are activists doing what it takes to move our issues forward. We are members of organizations that tie to our mission to Shift the Culture. We sit on boards and committees, we volunteer our time—all to drive the change we wish to see both in our communities and around the world. 

Fun-Loving Focus

We play together. Because, as the saying goes, the team that plays together, stays together. Our employees are our most important customers, and if they’re not having fun, not absolutely loving their jobs and the teams with which they work, what’s really the point? We foster our happy vibe through annual trips, local outings, and other events that strengthen our bond and our unity. This allows each of us to be not just an ambassador of the Sensi culture but a staunch protector of the team spirit.