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Get Ready for Sensi

Oct 07, 2015 10:08AM ● By Ron Kolb

With the twin goals of chronicling the “new normal” and shifting perspectives about the cannabis lifestyle, I’m pleased to announce the creation of Sensi Media Group and the launch of its upcoming magazine, Sensi Denver/Boulder. Set to debut in the first half of 2016, Sensi promises to be a new type of cannabis lifestyle magazine with a fresh approach and a two specific goals:

1. Chronicling the “new normal”

With its unique, people-focused content and exciting, cutting-edge design, Sensi Magazine will be a new kind of publication, going beyond any other magazine currently covering the cannabis culture. While it will regularly report on the latest strains, news, and events, as well as the latest advances in medical marijuana. Sensi will also focus on the people behind various cannabis-relate businesses and life in the beautiful Greater Denver area. In addition, we’ll bring our readers exciting, colorful articles on such topics as travel, cooking, music, wellness, food and wine, and outdoor family activities like hiking, camping, and kayaking, as well as information about important cannabis-related charities.

Our goal with the magazine is to chronicle the “new normal” sweeping the country as medical marijuana becomes readily available and the prohibition against cannabis is overturned state by state. Putting the “stoner” image behind us, Sensi will move the culture forward with its content, focusing on how cannabis is changing the lives of people everywhere for the better, and becoming part of the everyday routines of millions of Americans.

2. Shifting perspectives

For decades, if not centuries, cannabis has been wrongly portrayed. We plan to change that through Sensi. Cannabis has numerous medicinal properties, but it also has value for recreational purposes, as it can relieve stress and help improve one’s lifestyle—not to mention the fact that, in states like Colorado, cannabis is creating jobs, driving wages, and building its own booming economy. Because it’s so misunderstood, cannabis does not get the credit it deserves. We’ll change that by portraying the numerous ways cannabis is improving people’s lives, and in the process, we hope and expect to shift the general public’s thinking about cannabis.

Our Team

After 20-plus years in publishing, it was fun going back and hand-picking the two publishing professionals who make up our founding publishing team. These two individuals, along with myself, have over 70 years of experience in the publishing and media businesses, and make up our Executive team at Sensi Media Group and Sensi Magazine.

Jamie Ezra Mark serves as the creative director for the publication. As an award-winning designer, Jamie has put his personal stamp on numerous publications. He brings a unique design perspective guaranteed to make Sensi stand out from the crowd and establish itself as one of the premier cannabis publications in the country. Mark has won several Florida and national design awards for his work.

Rob Feeman serves as director of content for Sensi. Rob brings 30 years of magazine and media experience to the publication. He’s served as the editor or managing editor for several national publications, including Robb Report and Smart HomeOwner magazines. He’s also a successful freelance writer and the New York Times bestselling author of a popular mystery series, with more than 120,000 books sold so far.

Finally, I’ll serve as the publisher of Sensi Magazine. As many of you know, I’ve been the director of sales or served in a sales capacity for such regional publications as Ocala Magazine, Boca Magazine, and Palm Beach Illustrated (all in Florida). Most recently, I was the U.S. Director of Recruiting and Southern Region Manager for Best Version Media. Over the past five years, I was number one or developed the number one in every category possible at Best Version Media, which is one of the country’s fastest growing privately held media companies.

The New Normal

We’re very excited to be launching this new venture and look forward to making a difference in our community. We have much yet to accomplish but the wheels are already in motion. In the coming months, we’ll keep you informed and up to date on everything that’s going on with Sensi Media Group. We hope, as we begin our journey into this bold new era, that you’ll join us as we launch this exciting endeavor.

For more info, you can find us on FacebookTwitter at @SensiMag, and Instagram at @SensiMagazine.